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Happy Spring – Mother’s Day is RIGHT around the corner!

Hope everyone is enjoying the (somewhat) warmer weather!

Mother’s Day is Sunday May 11th this year. While May might sound like a long way off, I can guarantee you that I will be fully booked for Mother’s Day orders soon. I am *anticipating* that the cut-off for Mother’s Day orders will be right around April 19th or so, but I will keep everyone updated if it looks like it will be sooner than that.

I am right around 2 weeks from order-to-ship right now. I recently injured my left hand while working on a home improvement project, so I am hoping that the injury continues to get better.

Thank you for your business and support! 🙂


Baby Footprint Bracelet with TWO Children's Footprints
Baby Footprint Bracelet with TWO Children’s Footprints
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